Windsor Food and Fuel Bank Thanks Volunteers

The Board of Windsor Food and Fuel Bank looking back over their Volunteer List for 2016 wants to acknowledge the generous support of: •Stop & Shop, Kennedy Rd. Tina Kokosa and Staff •AF JRROTC Windsor High, Staff SGT Mike Cross •Scouts and their Leaders: Troop 203, Troop 149 •The Police Cadets, Officer Bernie Petkis •Erin Curtis and Morgan Looby •Randi and Carli Simons (Bat Mitzvah Celebration) •Youth Group, Lighthouse Mission Church, Elder Mary West •The Levine Troops (Ashlee,Dalton,Daryn and Justin) •Darwin Jackson, Jennifer Grace •WHOW, Windsor Houses of Worship •Friends who helped in January, Vivian Cicero, Connie Grillo, Jalicia Thomas and Jada Barlow.


Florence Barlow, coordinator for the First Saturday of the month volunteering at Stop & Shop says that she and the Board feel great appreciation for the warm support Windsorites give the campaign. Florence offer thanks to all those who supported WFFB it over the years and hope each one will be Blessed in 2017 and remember those that are going through some hardships and need our help. Florence recalled one incident recently, when a man approached her at the bank, and told her that he had used the food bank when he lost his job. Now back to work, he gave her a very generous addition to her deposit. “Windsor is a Town that’s full of wonderful people and we need to acknowledge them each and every day,” Florence says. The food collected is picked up by Social Service and placed in the Food Bank at LP Wilson. We have started our search for volunteers for 2017, and we are very happy to report that Brownie Troop (10196) has joined for the first time. There is still opening for some months and Florence can be reached at 860-688-2486. Or, you can check the WFFB website for more information.