Letters to the Editor: re: Mike McDonald

Letters to the Editor in support of Michael McDonald


The choice is yours. Connecticut residents are realizing that the path to fiscal oblivion is paved with lots of good intentions. We know as taxes go higher, people vote with their feet, leaving Connecticut. This reduces sales, road, and income taxes, plus fees and other revenue. Less people also means less people to buy houses, products, less businesses and less job opportunities. We know “jobsmail”(paying companies to stay in Connecticut) proves taxes are too high, otherwise why would we be paying companies to keep jobs in Connecticut? Residents are leaving our state in search of job opportunities that once existed right here in Connecticut. It is time to turn this sinking ship around. The 2nd Senatorial District Voters have a choice. On February 28th they can elect another Democrat to the state Senate who supports Governor Malloy’s failed policies and agenda or they can elect Michael McDonald who has stated repeatedly he will oppose Governor Malloy’s irresponsible approach to our State finances. The working class is struggling and can no longer afford to shoulder the financial burden of this state, created by a majority of politicians that continue to make poor decisions and create bad policies. Please vote for Michael McDonald next Tuesday, February 28th. The choice is yours, I hope you will join me in voting for Michael McDonald B1, Tuesday the 28th. - Ron Eleveld

Sir:On February 28, a special election will be held to elect a CT State Senator, District 2, due to resignation of Bloomfield Senator.District 2 covers 6 districts in Windsor and Bloomfield.Mike McDonald is the one to stop the bleeding from Governor Malloy's proposed budget. Windsor stands to lose $5-6 million in state funding and Bloomfield $2-3 million. Can you afford more taxes to pay the MDC, fund the teachers pensions; cut of property tax credit?  I can't.  Mike is CEO of a co with 300 employees; he served 3 terms on Windsor BOE and 3 on Windsor Council; family man; high integrity and deep commitment to State of CT.  Vote Mike McDonald on February 28. Vote B1. - Ruth Perry Jefferis

WHAT'S (LEFT) IN YOUR WALLET? Not much if Malloy and his followers have their way. None of them seem to understand the connection between their grandiose spending habits and the State's fiscal crisis. They continue to insist that they have no spending problem-just a revenue shortfall, as they continue to look for additional ways to squeeze more money out of working people and retirees on fixed incomes. The current ploy is to pass substantial costs onto the towns while claiming the State is not raising taxes. Other plans include getting people to gamble more or increase their use of drugs by legalizing marijuana. There has been a significant increase in fiscally responsible legislators since 2010, but there is still a Malloy majority controlling the general assembly. The Senate is currently tied and Malloy's lieutenant governor has the power to break the tie in the Governor's favor.  We have one chance to tip the odds in favor of fiscal responsibility. Windsor resident Mike McDonald is running for the vacant seat in the 2nd district. This includes all Windsor voters except for those in the Rainbow district. Mike is a successful businessman who understands how to control costs and balance a budget. He has a long history of public service and has served on Windsor's town council and BOE. Vote for Mike McDonald on February 28. Every vote is critical. - Linda Alexander